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We sell sincerity instead of mere product.

Welcome to our homepage! I would like to introduce our company briefly. SM Inc. is an export-oriented company and its manufacturing facility is still in Korea. Since its foundation in 2006, SM Inc. has been passionate about becoming a small but strong company, "hidden champion".

You may not know the name of our company. But our product(NBR float) can be found right away when starting the car. Providing the force to move the needle of the fuel gauge in the dashboard of the car is our product and is an invisible but important automotive component that measures the amount of fuel in the fuel tank. Although it is not used in Korea, it is also used as a key part of the OPD(overfill prevention device) valve of LPG containers(tanks) when enjoying outdoor barbecues. It is also a component that measures the amount of liquid and is widely used in the industry.

It is our belief that the implementation of continuous innovation projects, including technology development and improvement, is an important key to our growth and success. We are proud to announce to have several patents regarding “floats manufacturing expertise” through continuous improvement driven policy to make us more competitive commercially and more sound technically than our competitors.

All of our employees are committed to satisfying our customers' needs with the highest quality products and to serving our customers and neighbors to the best of our abilities.

CEO Jong-Jin Lee

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