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NBR FLOAT Introduction / General Characteristics


What is FLOAT?

It is a flotation material in a liquid as a part of liquid level sensors to measure the amount of liquid, made of NBR, PE, PP, PU, PVC and stainless steel, depending on liquid compatibility, widely used in various industrial fields such as automotive, LPG(overfill prevention device valve and fuel conversion kits included) and related liquid level sensing industries.

Where to use the NBR Float?

It is an elastomer based flotation material(NBR stands for AcryloNitrile Butadiene Rubber), having continuous, independent, homogeneous and numerous closed-cells from surface to the core. The closed cell nature eliminates the possibility of sudden catastrophic failure of float sinking down to the bottom, typically associated with alternative materials based floats. NBR float is transformed from a solid material to a hard(ebonite-like), cellular structure by two step molding process. The outer surface is hard and smooth, while the inside acquires a closed cell structure. The following pictures show reliable closed cell structure of our floats:

In addition to automotive fuel level gauges, ROV (Roll Over Valve) prevents fuel leakage during vehicle rollover, FVV (Fuel Vent Valve) and on-board refueling vapor recovery unit that prevents volatile organic compounds from fuel injection. ), It is possible to apply to overfill valve of industrial LPG storage container, multi-valve of automobile fuel conversion device, and to measure the amount of liquid such as fuel tank level sensing and indicator of farm equipment, airplane, motorcycle, etc.

Cross section of specific gravity 0.20 float
(Electron microscopy)
Cross section of specific gravity 0.20 float (electron microscopy, 1000x)
→ You can check the shape of the independent bubble.

General characteristics

NBR Float can be manufactured in various shapes and uses depending on the molding mold.

  • 01. Importance

    The share of NBR Float can be divided into two categories, and the others can be manufactured according to customer requests.
    * 0.18~0.25 g/㎤ : Oil Resistant Float for Automotive
    * 0.33 g / cm3 or more: pressure resistant float for LPG

  • 02. Use temperature

    Usable temperature of NBR Float is -50 ℃ to 100 ℃, Float having a heat resistance of more than 100 ℃ can be manufactured through a separate production process.

  • 03. Working pressure (product for LPG)

    The working pressure is less than 30 kg / cm 2 (420 psi), but the pressure test pressure is 53 kg / cm 2 (750 psi) according to the API standard.

  • 04. Used fluid

    NBR Float is affected by operating temperature and conditions, but can generally be used in gasoline at 60-70 ℃, fuel oil at Diesel and water at 100 ℃. For use in alcohol-containing fluids, use floats made of special formulas with alcohol resistance.

  • 05. Insertion

    Magnet and steel structure can be inserted according to the use of float. However, the insert should be free from deformation even if left for 1 hour at a high temperature of 190 ℃.

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